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Letter From Devin's Friend Ivy

To Devin To Devin On The Two Year Anniversary Of His Disappearance


You became my best friend on March 8. We had bracelets that had the exact date. We laughed, we talked, we cried. I still have the flower petals from the many bouquets. Everything that happened, we went through together. You made sure I was alright. Two years ago, this exact moment, i was talking to you. So much has changed.

I remember you always calling me at night talking to me about the chickens, and always wanting me to go to football games. Always getting frustrated i’d untie your shoes. But you always joked with me, and put a smile on my face. I have the pictures Aniston took, way back in 8th grade. I’m almost a senior now. I think about you a lot. Your mother. Woody. Everyone in our little middle school group. How we’ve all changed. I remember that night, two years ago today. Just like it was yesterday. I was the last person to talk to you, and you promised me everything was okay.

I know you’re out there somewhere, i know you’re safe. I’m holding onto that promise we made, two years ago today. There isn’t much more i can say, other than: We miss you Devin.

I love you forever & always.


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