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Where are you Devin?

By Heather Simmers-Bond

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I haven’t been as active this week on the page. I needed to step back this week. I think exhaustion set in and I needed to clear my mind. My friends and family often tell me I put too much on myself and I know I do at times but I want my son home. Between taking care of my my family, working, my house, school and searching for Devin, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else in my life. Last night I tried to stay up to watch the news and I don’t remember falling asleep. I started thinking about how normal it has become in my life to do news interviews, I hardly think about it anymore, it’s a normal thing in my life. I do interviews while still doing what I call normal things.

Mailing out flyers and decals has become part of my routine, searching for Devin is a big part of my life. Sometimes I think about when all this ends and what will change or I think what if this goes on for more years, how will I keep up this pace. I look at everyone’s normal life and long for that life again. I have accomplished a lot this year in Devin’s search but the biggest accomplishment will be to bring Devin home. Where are you Devin?

- Heather Simmers-Bond

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