Frequently Asked Questions About Devin Bond

    Where was Devin last seen?

    The last two possible sightings of Devin was on Barfield Crescent Rd and Veterans Parkway in Murfreesboro, TN. The sightings are not confirmed, but we believe because of cell phone pings, walking distance, etc., it is a good chance the reported sightings were Devin.

    Did Devin take is SSN card and birth certificate?

    No, I have checked with the SSN office and the health department to verify they haven’t been reissued.

    Have you tried to check any activity on Devin’s SSN?

    Yes, no activity on Devin’s SSN.

    Was Devin acting differently the night he disappeared?

    No, it was a normal night in our house, no indication something was wrong.

    Was Devin acting differently the night he disappeared?

    No, I have checked with the SSN office and the health department to verify they haven’t been reissued.

    Have they tracked Devin’s phone?

    Yes, they have determined that Devin phone was turned off in the early morning on March 31st and hasn’t been turned off since. Law enforcement was able to determine Devin was walking and the direction he was walking.

    Did Devin play video games? Did law enforcement investigate people Devin played XBOX

    Yes, law enforcement has looked at his gaming system. Because a crime hasn’t been committed, law enforcement is limited to information that can be received from Microsoft.

    What did Devin’s girlfriend say when law enforcement questioned her?

    From what I understand she told the police she doesn’t know anything about Devin’s disappearance.

    Did Devin take any money with him?

    If Devin took money with him, it took a small amount, around $40.00.

    Who was the last person Devin called?

    The last phone call was to Devin’s ex-girlfriend, but it was chatting in an app called KIK to friends.

    Does Devin have social media accounts?

    Yes, Devin has a Twitter account and Instagram account.

    Any nicknames he may have gone by that he would use at this point?

    Devin didn’t go by any nicknames.

    Was Devin’s last text messages and phone calls retrieved from his phone?

    Yes, the last text message on Devin’s phone was to me during the day on March 31st, Devin used the app KIK to communicate with friends. I permitted law enforcement to look at our full wireless account to try to find any clues.

    Did Devin talk about going or visiting a place?

    Devin enjoyed our trip to the beach the summer before he went missing. He mentioned places to visit, and they were always by the ocean.

    Did Devin take anything with him?

    Devin took his phone, a drawstring Nike backpack, a few pants and possibly a handgun.

    Is there any way to trace who he spoke with while gaming?

    We can see gamer tags of who Devin played games with, but because of privacy laws, it’s difficult to get names and addresses because a crime wasn’t committed.

    Can the text message from the KIK app be retrieved?

    No, we have tried to get that information, but the app company advised they don’t save any of the messages.

    Did law enforcement interview Devin's girlfriend, mother and her father?

    The girlfriend and mother were interviewed.

    Do police or family think he is still in Tennessee?

    We have discussed that Devin is most likely not in our area; we don’t know if Devin is still in Tennessee or a different state.

    Any idea why the girlfriend/her family did not participate in the search for Devin?

    I don’t have any idea why they didn’t help search for Devin.

    Has Devin ever ran away before?

    No, never.

    Is his phone ever been active or shown signs if activity beyond the morning of disappearance?

    No activity.

    Do searches by foot continue?

    No, because we don’t have a place to look at this time but will look if information comes up.

    What was Devin’s most loved hobbies/interests? It is rare that anyone would completely stop doing the things that bring them joy, so could those activities be used in his search?

    Playing video games, fishing and being outside.

    What does law enforcement believe in Devin’s disappearance?

    They believe the things Devin did that morning he disappeared point to Devin running away, but they also look at other options in Devin’s case too.

    Any more information about the 'argument' that Devin and his friend had with an adult man who lived nearby? Was this man questioned by the police? Was the friend his "best friend"?

    The friend was a good friend maybe not a best friend. It’s hard to know what the truth is in this situation because both people have very different stories of what happened.

    Have Devin’s friend's social media accounts been checked and checked for a possible alias being set up that could be Devin?

    Unfortunately, privacy issues prevent law enforcement from being able to do this. They have to have a reason to check social media accounts.

    Was Devin possibly being bullied at school, and how was he doing academically?

    I don’t believe Devin was bullied, I am sure he experienced a little during school, but most kids do. I don’t think it was a huge problem. Devin was an average student, and his grades didn’t change before his disappearance.

    Did law enforcement find anything in Devin’s locker at school?

    No, he didn’t use the lockers at school.

    Did Devin have any friends that could have loaned or given him money on short notice?

    No one, I can think of.

    Was Devin was street smart or do you feel someone would need to aid him in keeping hidden?

    Devin’s friends told us that they believed Devin was street smart and could survive outside. Devin did like the outdoors, but I believe someone helped him.

    Any chance that the gun that was missing has been found or reported stolen/reappeared in anyone else’s possession?

    No, but law enforcement does check.

    Has anyone passed flyers out around train yards?​

    Yes, but that is why we ask people to hang flyers, we can’t be everywhere.

    What did his teammates have to say about Devin?

    After the first few weeks, no one contacted us from Devin’s sports team, so I don’t know that answer.

    Did he discuss colleges with his school counselor?

    Yes, Devin talked about MTSU or joining the military.

    What was the number that Devin wrote on a piece of paper in his room and what could its significance (if any) be?

    I don’t think it means anything, most likely it was an answer to a math problem, or it could be a time or date, we don’t know.

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