• Timeline Of Devin Bond's Disappearance

    March 30th 2017

    Our family had a typical Thursday night. I didn’t notice Devin acting differently, and everything seemed to be a regular night in our house. I went to bed around 11:30 pm before I went to bed I checked on Devin and told him not to stay up too long and told him I loved him.


    We later learned that around 7:30 pm on March 30th, Devin’s girlfriend broke up with him


    Devin was playing video games and texting friends that night and never mentioned anything was wrong to friends.


    Devin only told one person that he was upset and they talked for a time on March 30th.

    March 31st 2017

    At around 3:30 am our neighbor's video camera shows the lights in the back of our house turning on for 15 minutes and then the lights were turned off. No one ever went out the front door, and no vehicles are seen driving on the road in front of our house.


    We believe Devin walked away from our house around 3:45 am on March 31st.


    Phone pings show Devin walking on Barfield Crescent Road, and the last ping was around 5:30 AM on March 31st, during this time a person reported to seeing a teenager walking the road when Devin was walking and matched the ping information.


    At around 10:30 am Devin's brother discovered Devin missing and told Devin’s father.


    My husband immediately called me to tell me Devin was missing.


    I left work at that time and started searching for Devin at his friend's house and making calls to check if anyone had seen him.


    I made my way back home, and I learned that Devin made his bed look like he was sleeping. Devin stuffed sheets and towels under his comforter.
    Once we determined Devin wasn’t with friends and no one had seen him we made a missing person report.

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